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N.A.D+ Supplement

I stumbled across this supplement when my husband was recovering from a stroke. NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. Our body makes it. NAD+ production in our bodies declines as we age. Without it our body can not function properly. Achieving healthy NAD+ levels can improve energy levels and focus, DNA repair, muscle repair, and stimulate brain activity. I decided to start to take it myself after reading more about how NAD+ works. I can not make any health claims but wanted to share what I have experience since taking this supplement daily. I tore my shoulder up pretty bad after a hard hit to pavement running in Spring 2022. After I waited 4 months, I started to lift in the gym again but had limited mobility and still experienced some pain and stiffness, making any improvements very hard to achieve. Then after a month of supplements, I noticed lower pain levels to almost non existent and my mobility was starting to come back. I also feel less tired, and have more energy to push my lifts even harder. I am less sore after workouts too. My husbands story is much more impressive. He had a hard time with cognitive thinking skills post stroke. Strokes can deplete NAD levels because the brain is damaged and inflamed. He had a couple of NAD infusions before we found this product, researched and we decided to look into a capsule form. He made so much improvement. This is not the end all or cure all but gives the body the boost that it needs!

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